Thursday, March 15, 2012

This advertiser wants to pay your mortgage.

There is a new twist to out-of-home advertising that is finding its niche in the troubled economy. Many people have felt the tragic effects of the housing bubble, but there may be an interesting option that hasn’t been considered. If you are willing to give up the exterior walls of your house, you may be able to keep it mortgage-free for up to a year, according to MediaPost.

A company called Brainiacs from Mars has promised to pay the monthly mortgage for a couple’s home. In return, the couple allows their house to be painted in bright, eye-catching colors and accented with large logos promoting the company’s name, social media, and digital pages.

Foreclosures have swallowed millions of homes since 2006. In 2010, foreclosure notices were sent to 2.9 million properties in the United States. Brainiacs is planning to find up to 1000 homes to use as commercial billboards all over the country. The company’s founder, Romeo Mendoza, not only wants to promote his company, but he wants to help reduce foreclosures.

When planning billboard projects, Mendoza assures that Brainiacs adheres to housing ordinances, neighborhood covenants and homeowners association rules.

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