Thursday, March 22, 2012

Only online households?

The way people consume media is forever changing. An advertisers’ goal is to stay ahead of the trends. One way in which to do that is to be current on recent media research. The Nielsen Company conducted a study that chronicles the trend of American households discontinuing cable in favor of online TV watching only.

According to MediaPost, there is a small population of people, less than 5%, which subscribe only to broadband Internet. However, this is one of the fastest growing segments of “cross-platform” media in that between third quarter 2010 and third quarter 2011, there was a 22.8% growth. Nielsen states that it is too early to call these households “cord-swappers” meaning switching out the cable cord for an Internet cord. More research and time is necessary.

Some interesting facts of this group are that there is an average of 11.2 minutes per day spent watching television streaming; the national average is 5 minutes per day. In addition, they are watching about 9% of all of their TV minutes online while the national average is only 1.9%.

Overall, people will continue to find new ways to consume media, which can lead to segmentation. Advertisers must be aware of where and how their target audience utilizes media in order to have an effective campaign.

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