Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can social media promote customer loyalty?

Other than seeing sales increase, another key element to most advertisers’ campaigns is growing customer loyalty. The company Pitney Bowes recently conducted a study with people from the US, UK, France and Germany to find out what advertisers can do to garner that following.

In today’s society, one may think that social media is the best way to engage customers and create loyalty. According to MediaPost, the study proved that line of thought false. In fact, only a small percentage of respondents felt that social media helped him/her want to buy a company’s product again. For small businesses, it was about 15% and 18% for larger companies.

Respondents were more likely to use a company again if home-delivery was an option, customers were allowed to comment on products and services, if there were multiple ways made available to contact the company, and if they responded to customers communication in a timely manner.

Overall, social media has its place in business. However, a company cannot assume that it will produce loyalty. Continued customer service, which can be incorporated into the social media platforms, is one of the most certain ways to maintain that relationship.

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