Thursday, May 24, 2012

What else is playing in the movie theaters?

Media vendors are continually creating new products to best serve a target audience to the advertisers. The theater slide company National CineMedia (NCM) has recently branched out to other big screen products in addition to online and mobile ventures.

According to MediaPost, NCM has made a few deals to present movie-goers with more entertainment during the pre-show. The company is working with the comedy website Funny or Die in which advertisers have the option to incorporate their brands into the content. The Funny or Die comedy shorts will now be part of NCM’s “FirstLook” pre-show package and will be available for online and mobile consumption.

Other new pre-show content includes music video and entertainment footage from Vevo and a feature called “A Taste of the Movies.” This cooking segment will feature a celebrity chef preparing meals from well-known movies. All of these new in-cinema additions allow for product integration.

In order for vendors to offer advertisers access to active audiences, media platforms have to keep a constant eye on what consumers are doing.  A lot of that today leads to cross platform initiatives.

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