Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch a video ad in a public bathroom mirror?

In a world of reality TV shows, it seems as though the only private place left for people is the bathroom. While that is the case, people will now have a source of entertainment in public bathrooms in the form of advertisements running in the mirrors.

According to the LA Times, a company called Novo Ad has created the technology to run video advertisements in mirrors (LED screens with an internal hard disk). Here is how it works: a static ad will be posted over the whole mirror. As a person stands in front of it, a video ad will start to play, and after a moment the video will minimize and take up about one-fourth of the mirror’s surface area. Therefore, the patron can utilize the mirror and watch the remaining video content at the same time.

This latest advertising platform has been installed in Tel Aviv in May and is scheduled this month to be installed in a Carrefour mall in Barentin, France. The shopping center intends to run ads for stores within the mall and self-promoting ads. There is not a timeline for this technology to be installed in public restrooms in the United States of America.

While this technology is new, it’s important for advertisers to not jump on board with a platform if it doesn’t make sense for the campaign. A new platform needs to align with the client messaging.

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