Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where is your audience watching TV?

If a snapshot was taken on how typical American family members watch television, it would show that age groups watch it differently.

According to MediaPost, Nielsen took notice of where age groups watch TV. Teenagers 12-17 were found to spend about half of the time watching TV in his/her bedroom at 47%, 48% of TV viewing was done in a living room/family room, and the remaining 5% was done in other rooms. Older demographics tend to watch more TV in common areas of the home. For example, the 18-34 group spends 57%, the 35-64 group spends 62%, and the 65+ group spends 69% of TV viewing in living rooms. 

Interesting to note is that the younger demographic 6-11 spend most of TV viewing, about 60%, in common rooms. It could be inferred this is because the younger demographic is with an adult when viewing programming.

What can advertisers pull from this? Each demographic is unique in how they utilize media. Therefore, advertisers need to be aware of this in order to best cater the campaign message to the core audience.

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