Thursday, September 6, 2012

Majority of social and mobile users prefer ad-supported apps and games

Advertisers have been keeping an eye on social media and mobile habits of consumers in the last few years. Recently, a study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of MediaBrix breaks down how users choose to view ads on both platforms.

According to the Center for Media Research, the majority of people polled preferred ad units that are immersive and integrated rather than standard. Immersive and integrated means that the ads interact with users with virtual rewards/currency or video ads and typically run during a natural break in the game or app.

Results show that 37% of Facebook app users and 38% of smartphone app users prefer pre-roll video ads prior to the app launching, while 63% of Facebook and 62% of smartphone users wish to initiate the video ad or have it run during a break in the app or game.

Another finding is that users are in favor of ad supported apps and games in order to keep them free. Only 13% of Facebook app users and 39% of smartphone app users wish to pay in order to keep the apps or games advertising free.

Overall, advertisers can pull out the fact that users are open to advertising in the media they consume. However, standard ads are not going to be as well-received as an interactive ad.

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