Thursday, September 20, 2012

Young Hispanics' media use differs by gender

We all know that women and men view the world differently, and a new study confirms that even the way that they utilize media can differ.

According to new Experian Simmons data, Hispanic females between the ages of 18-29 are more likely then their male counterparts to post or comment on social media sites. They are also more inclined to click on other people’s posts, at 29%  versus 22% of young Hispanic males and the connections are going both ways – 31% of females in the same age group said that they frequently receive requests to connect in social media platforms, compared to males at 26%.

Young Hispanic males (28% to be exact) would also rather play the newest video game than find a TV show to watch, compared to 9% of young Hispanic females saying the same thing.

This information shows advertisers that there is a better opportunity in reaching a female audience with social media. In turn, advertisers may have to look at in-game advertising to reach the male audience.

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