Thursday, September 13, 2012

TV Network does an advanced screening with a green twist

The new fall television season is underway, and that leaves networks with the responsibility of launching the new hit shows of the season. NBC chose to do an advanced screening of the drama “Revolution” in New York City’s Hudson River Park Pier 57. What made it different than a normal screening? It was powered by cyclists.

According to MediaPost, NBC teamed up with the public advocacy group Transportation Alternatives to create this “Powered by the People” promotion in which 80 cyclists generated the necessary power. Guests were invited to try out the specially created bikes.

The alternative power source circles back to the underlying theme of the show in which people must acclimate to a green lifestyle when the world’s electricity goes off.

In order to keep the momentum going, NBC has created a Facebook contest. Users can vote on other cities to host an advanced screening of the show. By going viral, this promotion can help word of mouth of the show.  

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