Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is there a magic length for effective online video ads?

For advertisers, we are constantly looking for new ways to reach the consumers in an unobtrusive way that is still engaging. Once a media platform is decided, the next step is to figure out how best to present the product/service to the audience.

For example, let’s take video pre-roll ads. Advertisers can buy various time lengths in hopes of informing the consumer and encouraging a call to action. But, is there a key time length that all advertisers must abide by?

The Center for Media Research released information on a study conducted by Jun Group. The study focused on how users react to the pre-roll video content. A highlight is that video completion varies with the length of the ad. A :15 spot had a 99% completion rate, :30 had 98%, :60 had 92%, :90 had 90%, and 2 minutes+ had 87% completion.

Even though the completion rate was higher with :15 ads, the consumer engagement was lower than a video between :30 and :60 seconds. In fact, the interactive level was about the same for both the :15 and :60 - :120 category. Engagement levels were also higher with the 55+ age demographic. Interestingly enough, the 18-34 category was the least likely to engage in video content.

What can advertisers take away from this? First of all, the thought that :15 spots are the absolute best length isn’t entirely true. While it has a highest completion rate, the engagement isn’t. Advertisers must strike a balance between who the consumer is, where they are viewing online video content, what the creative message is, and how long it takes to get the message across effectively.

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