Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is your typeface distracting drivers?

Any graphic designer has been taught that different typefaces appeal to different emotions, personalities, and can mean different things. For example, a serif font is better when writing a lot of copy. The little tails on the letters flow together and make it easier on the eye to read. The media industry has been looking into typeface to see if different kinds can help reduce distraction for drivers while in a vehicle.

According to MediaPost, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab, the New England University Transportation Center and Monotype Imaging Holdings recently conducted a study in order to find safer designs for in-car media devices. Eighty-two people between the ages of 36-75 were monitored while utilizing an in-car device in a driving simulator. The researchers were primarily focused on eye-tracking measurements.

Results showed that hard-to-read typefaces create more distraction. Overall, technical typefaces tend to reduce glance time. Do note that the space between the letters also aid in readability. For example, the popular technical-styled font Eurostile is tightly spaced and difficult to read.

Changing up typefaces can translate to less time not looking at the road and more alert drivers.

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