Thursday, November 15, 2012

Consumers explain how much trust lays with advertisements

In all honesty, do you trust every advertisement you see? You are in the industry, so your perspective may be a bit skewed. What do consumers think?

According to MediaPost, Nielsen conducted a study to see how respondents trusted media. Overall, the advertising landscape, which consumers define as “Don’t Trust Much/At All” measures up as follows:
§       71%: Text ads on mobile phones
§       64%: Online banner ads
§       64%: Ads on search engine results
§       60%: Product placements on television
§       58%: Ads on the radio
§       53%: Ads in magazines
§       53%: Ads on television

Interesting to point out that the traditional media maintained a better ratio of trustworthiness vs. untrustworthiness compared to digital media.

While this seems bleak for advertisers, research had this to show for consumers trusting an ad:
§       92%: People I know information
§       70%: Consumers opinion

Nielsen made the point that advertising campaigns that had a social component did perform better in the trust scale. It does make sense in that if a product is positively received by a friend of the consumer, he/she may be more likely to try it out. It was recommended to combine a few media vehicles in order to bolster trust from consumers. 

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