Thursday, January 24, 2013

Consumers turn to tablets after watching a TV commercial

It’s no secret that a media mix allows advertisers to get the message in front of the audience on multiple screens, multiple times per day. What is the best mix? Honestly, it depends. It depends on the audience, their habits, their values, their location, etc. There is no “right” answer. However, studies are continually seeking out good combinations.

According to eMarketer, a new study has been conducted by Harris Interactive for The Search Agency about TV and tablet usage. The survey showed that television prompts users to research a product or service on a tablet.

§       71% of the people 18-34 polled will use his/her tablet to look up information on a product/service after seeing a television commercial.

§       81% people 35-44

§       54% people 45-54

§       56% people 55+

To add support to this outcome, Millward and Dynamic Logic did another study and found that people were motivated to turn to his/her smartphone or tablet to research brands, apps, websites, social networking pages, etc. by recommendation at a 46% response rate. Television tied for second with brand in-store online at 38%.

Advertisers should take this information and make sure that if television is in the media mix, then the client’s website, social networking sites, mobile sites, etc. need to be aligned with the same message. That way, if a person does research on the brand after seeing a commercial, the rest of the resources will complement the initial introduction.

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