Thursday, October 31, 2013

Email marketing receives the highest open rates on Tuesdays

For media planners, it’s pivotal to give clients a media recommendation that has great potential to be successful. Part of the planning process is doing research to see historical and trending statistics. According to eMarketer, the email marketing software company GetResponse recently did a study to see how consumers navigate email marketing.

The study first showed that marketers send out the majority of emails to consumers on Tuesdays followed by Thursdays and Mondays. This is good news considering Tuesdays have the highest email open rate of 19.9% and a click through rate of 4.6%. The national average for email marketing open rates is 10%. Surprisingly, Fridays have the second highest open rate of 19.6%, and it actually has the highest click through rate of 4.9%.

Therefore, a recommendation was for marketers to invest more email marketing dollars into Friday drop dates. Research supports that Fridays had the fewest emails sent out during the work week.

During the weekends, the open and click rates were pretty even. Saturday had an open rate of 16.9% and a click rate of 4.4%. Similarly, Sunday had 17.1% opened emails and a 4.5% click through rate. 

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