Thursday, October 10, 2013

New study reveals women feel the most ugly on a Monday

A key component for any advertising campaign understands the target audience. This is why so many resources are funneled into research. Ad campaign misfires do occur; however, with the proper planning, the right product can be put in front of the right consumer.

According to MediaPost, Omnicom’s PHD recently conducted a study to determine which days and times of the week American women feel the least attractive and the most beautiful. The purpose is to know what kind of beauty product messaging is the most effective depending on the moods and perceptions of the audience.

The majority of respondents, approximately 46%, agreed that Monday was the day of the week in which she felt the ugliest. Sunday was close behind with a 39% response. Researchers found a variety of reasons on why these were two days where women felt less flattering. One reason is Monday is the start of the work week and signifies the end of the weekend, while Sunday can show the results of a socially active Saturday on women’s faces. Also, early hours of the day between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and the later hours after 10 p.m. did not help women feel attractive either.

While a day of the week where women feel the most attractive wasn't listed, the study did denote that between the hours of noon and 3 p.m. women had the most positive outlook about their looks.

In knowing when women typically feel attractive and ugly reportedly will help this advertiser launch an “Encourage/Empower” strategy. Basically, the advertiser can run messaging that helps women feel good during least attractive times. In the window where the audience feels beautiful, the advertiser can run ads that maintain that image of beauty for women.

Overall, being sensitive to the target audiences feelings on a variety of topics, whether it is personal appearance or lawn equipment, can help advertisers avoid missteps which may end up offending the consumer.

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