Thursday, October 3, 2013

Singles and smartphone habits

If you are a single American adult, chances are that you are in a committed relationship with your smartphone. eMarketer reports on a recent survey conducted by online dating sites Christian Mingle and JDate. The survey interviewed single adults and discovered a few mobile trends.
·        Apparently, 47% of those surveyed constantly check text messages throughout the day.
·        38% utilize the internet on his/her phone several times in the day.
·        35% check and send emails several times daily.
·        32% constantly check a social networking site throughout the day.
·        40% talk on the phone several times in a day.
·        31% look at or share photos several times a week or at least once a week.
·        47% rarely or never check online dating sites or apps.
The study also shows that the age group of 27–34 single adults seems to have the stronger reactions to certain statements regarding mobile habits.
·        61% of 27-34 acknowledged “I’m always afraid of missing something interesting if I don’t check my mobile device(s) frequently.”
·        57% admitted that they are, “so dependent on my mobile device(s) that it’s like an addiction.
·        47% stated, “I often get less sleep than I should because I’m using my mobile device(s) late at night.

What does this tell advertisers? While it would be great to use this as across the board responses for all single American adults, it has to be put in the perspective that these results are coming from a niche group of people from niche dating sites. Use this information as an insight to the single adult habits, but don’t consider it to be the absolute truth. 

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