Thursday, December 12, 2013

A few tips for writing a good subject line for eblasts

Be honest, are you guilty of scanning the subject line of an email and don’t bother opening it? You are not alone, and researchers are working to decipher what words work best in increasing marketing email open rates. A new study conducted by MailChimp has given advertisers a few tips on creating eblast subject lines. The Center for Media Research summarizes:

Tip #1: Personalize the subject lines.
The study results showed a higher open rate with emails that have a personalized subject line. The highest open rates were emails with a first and last name listed in the following industries: government, creative/agency, and politics. Personalization hurt open rates with the legal industry emails.

Tip #2: Label emails as urgent when applicable.
Words that elicit a time-sensitive urgency tend to be attention-grabbing. This can lead to a higher open rate. Results show that words like urgent, breaking, important, alert, etc. can be beneficial to subject lines as long as they are appropriate to the subject matter.

Tip #3: Acknowledge your recipient with thanks.
Results show that thanking your readers can positively impact the open rates. Specifically, the wording “Thank you” has had a strong response.

Creating a marketing email can be tricky. The main goal is to stay true to your brand and true to your audience. After that, it’s up to the consumer to navigate the next steps.

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