Monday, January 27, 2014

Smartphone gamers play to unwind

For those of you who play games on your smartphone, what would you say is the biggest reason for doing so? If you are like half of the respondents from the study by Smashing Ideas, you play games to relieve stress. eMarketer recently reported on the highlights of the October 2013 study.

The top five reasons why people play smartphone games are:
·        To relieve stress at 50%
·        To fill time while traveling at 35%
·        They like these games better than watching TV at 20%
·        To procrastinate doing work at 17%
·        They like these games better than console games at 16%

The smallest percentage of responders at 3% reported they don’t like their jobs and would rather play games.

Interesting to note is that the majority of those polled do not play smartphone games longer than 60 minutes a day.
·        44% play between 0 – 30 minutes per day
·        20% play between 31 – 45 minutes per day

·        15% play between 46 – 60 minutes per day

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