Friday, January 31, 2014

Social Media habits are deemed cool or uncool according to a new study

Consumers’ perceptions of media change fairly quickly. A new study, Truth About Privacy, by McCann Worldgroup may help advertisers stay relevant to audiences.

The Center for Media Research recapped that over the last few years, users of social media have put more of an importance and emphasis on privacy, and habits that used to be termed “cool” have now been outcast.

For the social media users who were surveyed, the following items ranked higher in the “uncool” category:
·        34% of users thought status updates that pertained to everyday activities were cool.
·        35% of users stated that “checking in” a location in Foursquare on a regular basis is cool.
·        63% reported that a personal style blog with daily entries of a chosen outfit is uncool.
·        73% thought it was uncool to add people to LinkedIn that you don’t actually know.
·        Similarly, 72% of users deemed it uncool to add people to Facebook as friends if you don’t actually know them.
·        Important for advertisers to note is that 66% of those surveyed thought that a brand using user content on the brand’s social media site without user consent is uncool.

With all of the elements about social media habits that are “uncool,” there are a few that are considered in the “cool” spectrum:
·        About 63% of people thought defriending people on Facebook that are not “real” friends is cool.
·        64% reported that regularly posting silly or humorous articles on Facebook is cool.

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