Friday, January 8, 2016

Predictions to (Probably) Come True in 2016

With the New Year upon us, society is filled with new predictions, goals, and resolutions (that might not last through the month of January). Many of these goals are on a personal level: I want to lose weight, I want to travel more, I want to get married, I want to go to college. All of these are great, but the New Year brings a fresh slate to the business world as well. Here I’m going to share some 2016 predictions as they relate to the wonderful world of marketing.

Ari Kepnes, a content strategist for Contently, expects to see more branded content in the form of GIFs, interactive infographics, videos, live streaming, and web series.

Meaghan Moraes, a senior content specialist at Responsive Inbound Marketing, foresees an increase in relationship marketing and says companies can improve their relationships with consumers by using data that allows marketers to meet consumers where they’re at. 

Moraes suggests an increase in location-based marketing technology by utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect with nearby devices and offer special deals right then and there.

Kieran Dahl, a social media editor for Contently, predicts an increase in Facebook as the main channel to get information shared and viewed. Dahl projects that businesses will follow the lead of the well-delivered BuzzFeed and New York Time publishers.

Andrew Hutchinson reports for Social Media Today that we’ll likely see an increase in emoji usage on social media platforms. Hutchinson predicts that emojis will take over Instagram posts making text a minority.

For me, I wouldn’t be surprised to see advertising on Snapchat jump drastically. Once Snapchat opens up their advertising platforms on a more local level, I assume businesses will jump on board with sponsored filters, promoted “stories”, and increase their (possibly) already existing Snap-accounts.

Over the past few years, days such as National Cheeseburger Day, National Brown Dog Day, and National Best Friend Day, have popped up all over social media. I would predict that in 2016 marketers will jump on board with these “days” in order to create a connection with their consumers outside of traditional advertising.

What do you think? Are these predictions going to make it past the month of January? Will they come true in 2016? What predictions do you have of your own? Who knows, 2016 might be the year pigs fly, cars drive themselves, and the Cubs win the World Series. 

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