Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Next Level of Advertising

If you’ve never watched the show, “The List”, I would highly recommend it. It’s an entertaining show filled with “trending topics”. As I watched a recent episode, I was intrigued by story covered by Jimmy Rhoades about taking advertising to the next level. Rhoades introduces three new and different ways for advertisers to get their message across.

The first is a simple solution from Slidejoy. This smartphone app allows the lock screen of smartphones to be turned into advertisements. Swipe left for more info, up for a new ad, and right to unlock your phone. This might not sound all that exciting until I add in that users get paid for their eyes on advertisements. Now your eyebrows have risen in interest. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android phones. Fortunately, for advertisers, this allows them to have a very specific audience for their product and advertisement.

Prepare for your eyebrows to rise even higher… next up, advertisers are renting space on people’s bodies to place advertisements in the form of temporary tattoos! Lease Your Body allows willing participants to fill out an application and have the opportunity to be a walking advertisement for up to $5,000! Lease Your Body hopes to make this advertising medium a staple in the community, my thoughts, no way! The only way I could see this making sense is if it was utilized in the crazy atmosphere in Miami Beach.

Want a way to travel with checked luggage, for free? Orion Travel Tech will give you that opportunity. They’ll not only pay for your luggage fees, they’ll also provide you with new luggage. The only catch, no longer are your bags a solid color, they’re now an advertisement. This could work for companies that are on a global scale, but not so much for your local grocer.

So, what’s next for you? Any plans to rent someone’s forehead? Maybe have your left bicep rented by an advertiser for some big bucks? Or maybe you’ll fly to sunny Mexico with “Southwest Airlines” printed on a suitcase. The advertising world is becoming incredibly creative and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

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