Monday, October 26, 2009

3-D Theatre Advertising meets with some hesitation in this down economy

Theatre advertising can be a great, creative way to reach massive audiences in specific target areas.

With the advancement of technology, 3-D film releases have re-emerged in the marketplace. This re-emergence has given advertisers a chance to duplicate the success with 3-D commercials leading up to the feature presentation. However, there seems to be a split opinion of the success of the new advertising platform.

The in-cinema sales group National CineMedia (NCM), which has yet to run any 3-D ads, has talked to marketers about the new concept. While the NCM believes in the product, it has stated that there is doubt on whether advertisers will pay more per spot and more for production costs. If advertisers will not pay more for the new technology, the in-sales groups will fail to make a profit.

One of the company’s competitors, ScreenVision began selling the 3-D advertising space in May.

As of August, there were 2,744 screens that could show 3-D movies, which breaks down to 7% of all US screens. Theatre owners are able to charge more per showing for a 3-D film, which can aid in driving business.

In-cinema executives believe that once the recession has reversed, there may be a market for advertisers paying higher prices for 3-D theatre commercials. Until then, it will remain a novelty and a well-watched advertising option for theatre advertisers.

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