Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can outdoor advertising help the media mix?

A recent report conducted by MarketShare Partners and Clear Channel Outdoor researched the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in conjunction with other media. The Center for Media Research highlighted the study in a research brief.

It showed that marketers spent approximately $5.9 billion on out of home advertising in 2009. Traditional outdoor billboards boasted nearly two-thirds of the budget. The remaining budget was spent on transit, cinema, street furniture, and alternative advertising.

Another topic broached in the study was digital outdoor. This form allows advertisers to more finitely target the advertisement to the audience. Meaning, marketers can geographically and quickly target messages like dinner specials to commuters stuck in rush hour traffic.

Out of home advertising is brief and visual. It only allows advertisers to garner an audience’s attention for a moment. However, those quick messages help build brand awareness. If the ad creative coordinates with other media platforms, it can help create a high recall rate, and in turn, solidify that brand message amongst the target audience.

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