Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinterest is gaining ground

Amid social media powerhouses like Twitter and Facebook, another has come into the spotlight recently. New research reports that Pinterest has begun to impact the time spent on other social media.

According to the Center for Media Research, Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Survey shows that about one in four users are spending less time on other social media in order to spend time on Pinterest. Apparently, Facebook has seen a 3% decline in time spent in the month of June. About 39% of social media users have adjusted how he/she uses social networking because of Pinterest.

Over the last year, Pinterest has grown from 700,000 unique monthly visitors to 20 million. Part of the growth is gaining an audience that otherwise is not on social media at all. Approximately 15% of Pinterest users claim to not use any other social media.

The social site has also influenced purchase behavior among users, who purchased a product/service after seeing it on Pinterest. About 25% of respondents fell into this group.

Overall, it behooves advertisers to know what their audience is doing in their spare time.

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