Thursday, March 28, 2013

Do people still read the sports section?

While some may think that the sports section in the local newspaper may not be as popular as a national online component, a new poll begs to differ. M/A/R/C for the Newspaper National Network interviewed men between the ages of 18-54 to see how sports news is consumed.

MediaPost states that the survey took note of regular newspaper readers and non-regular newspaper readers alike. Overall, sports enthusiasts ranked the following media sources for getting news:

76% go to newspaper websites
69% go to the print newspaper
66% go to
46% go to league sites
45% go to Yahoo! Sports page
45% go to ESPN Sports Center
33% listen to sports talk radio
23% go to Sports Illustrated or

These results do point out that even though the online is utilized by a large audience, the print presence has not gone away completely. Therefore, if you are still trying to reach that sports enthusiast who is male and between 18-54, a media mix of the local newspaper sports section and the online counterpart do make sense.

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