Thursday, July 24, 2014

New report shows how college kids spend income

While most post-college grads have some woeful story about being a poor, broke college kid, it may not be the case today. In a recent poll conducted by Shweiki Media and Study Breaks, it showed that nearly all college students spend money at a restaurant at least once a month.

eMarketer reported on the study’s findings and released information on other products/services college students spend their money on:

·        99% of those surveyed spend money at restaurants
·        87% spend on travel
·        76% spend on beauty
·        70% spend on bars
·        70% spend on fashion
·        60% spend on electronics
·        59% spend on live music
·        57% spend on media
·        38% spend on fitness (This refers to off-campus gyms.)

Unsurprisingly, the students’ parents were reported as the main source of income. This was the largest group of responders at 45%. In contrast, about 40% list primary income as the product of working, and another 15% rely heavily on student loans to succeed financially. 

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