Thursday, July 10, 2014

Social Habits of 2014 High School Grads

Marketers are constantly tracking the demographics for social media in terms of the younger and upcoming generations. It is evident that social media can take many forms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, etc., but Facebook continues to hold the lead in the realm of popularity. According to eMarketer, nearly nine in 10 of every 2014 US high school graduate have remained active on Facebook since graduating.

Research conducted by Niche shows that 87% of 2014 US high school graduates use Facebook, and 68% of the same demographic are active on Instagram. Forty-seven percent of Facebook users access their account multiple times a day, while a close 43% of Instagram users do the same.

Experts do mention a shift in terms of age of the high school generation. According to McAfee, 58% of social network users ages 13 to 15 use social media during school, compared to the 75% of users ages 16 to 18. As far as gender is concerned, the users are nearly equal, with 52% of males and 54% of females active on social media during school hours.

In terms of searching and browser history, two-thirds of 2014 US high school grads report closing or minimizing a window when a parent walked in the room, and 67% of these older teens clear their browser history.

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