Thursday, May 6, 2010

First-run cable series have a higher emotional connection with viewers than most network programming

A high emotional connection to a TV show can lead to a steady audience for your campaign.

The emotional connection that viewers have with television programs is thought to be in correlation with a higher viewer engagement level. The Q Scores Company, which is part of Marketing Evaluations, created a measuring tool called Emotional Bonding Q index. This assigns a number to the emotional connection.

When this numbering system was applied, it was found that first- run cable series actually score higher than network programs. Any program that had an index of 100 was thought to be average.

The survey explains that out of the top five programs for men 18-49, four of them are cable. The USA Network drama “Burn Notice” was first with a 300 Q score followed by “White Collar” with 271, “Sanctuary” with 222, and “Psych” with 203. CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” was the only network show to break into the top five with a Q score of 194.

Similarly, women 18-49 have a higher emotional connection to cable. Again, four out of five of the top scoring shows are from cable. The top five are Oxygen’s “The Bad Girls Club” with 321, “Burn Notice” with 280, ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” with 232, “Snapped” with 230, and “Sherri” with 222.

In light of the new study, cable advertising should be considered when trying to vie for a viewers’ attention. A high emotional connection to a TV show can lead to a steady audience for your campaign. However, it is important to keep in mind that while this study shows select cable shows have a higher emotional engagement with viewers, it does not mean that the viewership is higher.

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