Thursday, May 27, 2010

Partner Spotlight: Sarah Malone

Question: I’m looking to include online as part of my advertising budget. What sizes and creative formats will have the most impact?

Research has shown that particular sizes, formats and positioning of online advertising have a direct effect on online ad awareness. Based on findings released by the Center for Media Research/Dynamic Logic, half-page banners and rectangles were the most effective ad sizes for online advertising. Awareness for these sizes was also increased due to the traditional placement of these advertising sizes within the body of an online page. Ad sizes on the perimeter of the page, such as skyscrapers and leaderboards, were less effective in driving awareness.

The research also concluded that ad campaigns with better quality creative, including Rich Media and video formats, resulted in the strongest brand impact. Simple flash format was the worst performer for brand impact, but is often the most used format by advertisers. Rich Media and video can carry a higher price than flash advertising, but ad awareness and impact should be considered along with budget.

When looking at online advertising, it is important to consider ad sizes, placements and creative quality as well as budget to best insure ad and brand awareness.

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