Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who uses the internet on a cell phone?

Cell phones. You would think that almost anyone over the age of 15 has one in the US. A new study conducted by eMarketer found that ethnic groups utilize cell phones at different levels.

According to MediaPost, the study revealed the cell phone penetration among ethnic groups in the following capacity:

· White: 78.3%

· Asian: 77.3%

· African American: 74%

· Hispanic: 69.2%

Regardless of the penetration, it was found that minority groups utilize the internet on mobile phones more than the white population. In fact, the breakdown is as follows:

· Hispanic: 52.9%

· African American: 48.9%

· Asian: 48.1%

· White: 36.3%

Researchers theorized that mobile internet usage is higher in minorities due to the fact that as a group, they are younger than the white population. Therefore, they may be more willing to be early adopters. Also, these groups are more likely not to have a home phone and only have a mobile.

How is this relevant? This will help advertisers better cater their message to their target audience.

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