Thursday, December 29, 2011

What is the standard mobile ad size?

Anyone in the media business is aware that there are some standards when it comes to ad sizes. Print has the tabloid sizes and radio has certain spot lengths, etc. The new emerging standards are in regards to mobile.

According to MediaPost, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has recently created six set ad sizes for both feature phones and smartphones. Creating these guidelines enables media buying to be more cohesive from vendor to vendor.

The MMA whittled down the sizes by first analyzing 150 billion mobile ad impressions during second quarter to find what were the most consistently used. They found about 60 mobile ad formats before declaring the final six sizes. The new standards are part of the Mobile Universal Ad Package where feature phones have three sizes (120x120 , 168x28 and 216x36 pixels) and smartphones have three as well (300x250, 300x50 and 320x50 pixels).

If the program survives the 30-day comment period, the ad package will be come finalized in January. All networks will have to comply with the guidelines by March 2012.

Mobile advertising has grown from its inception; however, if the ad sizes become more standard among media vendors, advertisers will have an easier time adapting creative to the medium. Therefore, this could lead to healthier growth in this advertising vehicle.

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