Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did I just see an ad on a mail truck?

Because the world appears to be trending towards wireless and paperless in many aspects of life, the institutions that are wire and paper must adapt. According to MediaPost, the United States Postal Service is attempting to enter into the advertising world in order to help its financial decline.

A pilot program recently launched in which the USPS is selling advertising on its freight trucks. At the moment, approximately 17,000 trucks in 11 states have advertisements on them.

Paired with an outside contractor Lighted Promotions, advertisements are being sold from $500 to $600 per month.

A noted concern is making sure that the ads are appropriate for the government trucks. So far, most vinyls have been in regards to road safety like drunk driving, seatbelt usage, highway safety in addition to topics like anti-drug and anti-alcohol. In fact, some advertisers have been turned away like political candidates and medical marijuana.

If this pilot program is successful and launched nationally, then it could be a new vehicle for advertisers. As long as its message falls in-line with a government owned platform.

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