Thursday, July 23, 2009

Domino's cleans up its advertising for a new promotion

Sometimes thinking outside of the box can really make your advertising campaign stand out from competitors.

Reported by AdWeek, Domino’s hired GreenGraffiti to help create a different and new promotion to engage its audience in early July. The pizza chain’s logo has been “cleaned” into dirty sidewalks in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to promote the American Legends pizza.

The advertisements were created by a high-pressure water hose and stencil. There were approximately 200 of the clean Domino’s ads left.

The promotion aspect of the ad campaign was that the first 250 people to find the sidewalk ads and email pictures of themselves with it to Domino’s received a $15 gift card.

Promotions like this can be less expensive than a traditional media buy and can generate great word of mouth advertising. And, it is considered an eco-friendly type of advertisement that can also promote good press.

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