Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't rule print out yet: Incorporate both print and digital into your campaign

What do you do when all the print publications seem to be vanishing into a digital world? Is it smart to budget advertising dollars in an uncertain platform? In order to get the most for your money, look at advertising in both mediums as a way to strengthen your campaign.

Print publications across the globe have been hit very hard by the economy. Several heritage newspapers have closed their doors and the large conglomerates are doing everything they can to keep their heads above water. It is easy to see why advertisers may be nervous to run anything in the print world when there is so much talk about digital media. However, there are advantages in the struggling print world.

Similar to the housing and auto industry, the print scene has become a buyer’s market. Right now is the best time to advertise in print because publications are more willing to negotiate rates and ad placement due to the enormous pressure they face to keep afloat. A small budget can go a lot farther these days and with fewer competing advertisers in the print publications, your ad will stand out and be noticed.

Although opening your horizons to the digital landscape is important, do not completely drop out of the print world. The best way to utilize your advertising dollars is a blend of both to reach your target audience. Leave your reader wanting more. Look at ways to integrate your print advertising with your online advertising and make sure both platforms drive the reader to your website for more information.

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