Thursday, July 9, 2009

Television advertising is the best way to connect with your audience emotionally

In an ever-changing media landscape, it is difficult to decide which platform is the most effective for your campaign. The debate over online and television is strong, but for those that want to really attach emotion to their campaign, television wins hands down over online.

A study done by the Cable & Telecommunications Association of marketing and the research firm NeuroFocus found that television, compared to online advertising, was a lot more emotionally engaging for the viewer. It also found that television viewers had better commercial recall and more intent to purchase when viewing the ads. When watching television, viewers feel more connected to the advertisements that they see because emotional triggers, such as facial expressions, are picked up easier than on a smaller screen.

Television schedules are not cheap, but there are a lot of cost effective ways to maximize your budget. Try using fifteen or ten second spots instead of thirties so you can increase your frequency. Your spots will still be noticed in spite of the shorter format. Partnering with a local news station is also a successful way to stretch your television dollars because most offer sponsorships around their various news features, such as weather or traffic, which can draw the viewership needed to promote a successful campaign.

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