Thursday, July 30, 2009

Texting incorporated into outdoor to track campaign

It is important to track results of an advertising campaign. However, it can be difficult doing so with outdoor; incorporating new technology like texting can really make a difference.

Reported by MediaPost, CBS Outdoor launched a new service in May called txt2go. This program, which was created by Rip Road, offers advertisers the opportunity to better track consumer response through the use of cell phones.

How it works is that a text keyword is incorporated on an outdoor display. This display encourages people to send in the keyword in return for a special offer or to receive more information on what is being advertised. If a unique text keyword is put on each display board, it will enable the advertiser to know which specific outdoor board is receiving the most attention and is the most effective.

By being able to track the effectiveness of an outdoor campaign, it can either justify or discourage the board location for advertisers. The result for the advertiser is a competent and successful campaign.

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