Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teens are still a captive audience for radio

When choosing a medium to advertise in, be aware of technological changes within that climate. These changes may affect how you buy this medium.

According to Media Post, Nielsen has conducted a new study on teenage consumption of radio. It was found that “16% of teenagers around the world consider radio their ‘primary source’ of music, with another 21% identifying it as a ‘secondary source’ of music.” In contrast, mp3 players have 39% of teenagers listing it as a primary source of music, and 33% of teenagers prefer computers as their primary source.

It was also stated that the standard amount of time spent listening to the radio is down 5%. In 2007, the average listening time was 19 hours and 32 minutes, and that declined to 18 hours and 30 minutes in 2008. This decline is believed to be because of online streaming and mp3 players.

Even as the decline in radio listening is still an ongoing factor, it is still important to include radio in the mix. This study shows that other alternatives to broadcast radio are taking some of the teenagers’ attention; however, teens still consider radio as a primary source for music. A solid base in broadcast radio will be an asset when branching off into new venues like online streaming and the next new technology down the road.

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