Monday, July 27, 2009

A new study shows newspapers aid in purchasing decisions

When debating to pursue an avenue of advertising, be aware of new studies and how they can help direct your campaign to be efficient and successful.

Reported by Editor&Publisher, a new preliminary study conducted by MORI Research shows that newspaper inserts and ads aid in purchasing decisions. The company polled approximately 3,000 adults on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America.

Results show that almost 60% of those questioned stated that they use newspapers to assist them to plan or make a purchase. More than 70% said they “regularly” or “occasionally” read the inserts. 60% also stated that they used a coupon because of newspaper advertising; in addition, 41% of those polled said that they turn to newspapers when actively seeking out advertising.

If debating whether to utilize coupons or inserts in an advertising campaign, it is helpful to look at what kind of future outcome is most desired. If tracking the source of customers is the most important outcome, then inserts and coupons can help to show which publications drive the most traffic.

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